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Air Con Re-gas 
Boost your Air Conditioning system with an Air Con Re-gas


It is extremely important that your air conditioning system is inspected annually and serviced at least every 2 years in order to ensure you maintain the benefits of an optimally functioning system (it is estimated in excess of 10% of air con gas leaks from the system every year). This is generally not included in your routine car service so you may need to specifically request this as it’s often overlooked.

Your air conditioning has multiple uses, from demystifying your windscreen on those cold winter mornings to providing you with in car comfort during hot summer days (however few we get!) Our air con regas service ensures that your system is working efficiently by testing the pressure of the gas and ensuring that its at an optimal level.

car air conditioning

We have the equipment to diagnose and fix any problem that arises with your air conditioning system, so whether it's a musty smell or it’s just simply not working as efficiently as it did in the past, bring it in and we'll do our best to get it sorted!

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